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  • History

    We are an independent Portuguese company created in 1979.
    Our expert technicians are registered in their appropriate Legal Chambers. Our computer equipment, renewed every two years, has the latest software, putting us at the forefront of computer technology. The specific software is developed in close collaboration with associate company with many years of experience. These methods allow us to have a capacity to respond above all averages in all areas of management and business support. Our ambition is to please our clients and we work hard to achieve and overcome their expectations. We provide specialized services in administration, management and TAXs areas to several companies with different dimensions and business activities. We have clients from Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, England, Germany, United States and Brazil. Apart from employees' professional insurances we have additional liability insurance up to 2,500,000 €.

  • Mission

    Having in consideration the international scene, we believe that companies need absolute efficiency to be successful. Our mission is to ensure total satisfaction to our customers, providing all the services they need. We make the difference contributing the success of their companies.

  • Values

    Aware of our responsibilities to other companies and the society, our values are:
    • Dynamism;
    • Professionalism;
    • Competence;
    • Discretion;
    • Quality.

  • View

    Our main objective is to monitor the investments of Portuguese companies abroad and of foreigners in Portugal. To lower the cost of installation and operation of our customers we streamline the working methods. We also manage, support and audited and execute all administrative services.